Kitchen Layouts

I was very happy with the working style of Kitchen décor, especially when it came to the method of offering options and discussing every stage of the design process."

- Dr. Dang

Understanding basic principles of kitchen layout will help take out much of the mystery of the design process. One of the most basic layout principles is the work triangle. The work triangle is an imaginary line drawn from each of the three primary work stations in the kitchen - the food storage, preparation/cooking,and clean-up stations. By drawing these lines,you can assess the distance required to move to and fro in each area and thus determine how well the traffic will flow. To help avoid traffic flow problems, work triangles should have a perimeter that measures less than 26 feet.

The three primary kitchen work stations which create the work triangle are:

1. The food storage station - Your refrigerator and pantry are major items. Cabinetry like Lazy Susan or Swing-out pantry units add function and convenience.Options like wine racks,spice racks,and roll-out trays help organize your stuff.

2. The preparation/cooking station - Your range, oven, microwave,and smaller appliances are found in this area. Counter space is important in this section. Conserve space by moving appliances off the counter with appliance garage cabinets and space-saving ideas like towel rods and pot lid racks.

3. The clean-up station - Everyone's least favorite activity is one of the kitchen's most important - clean-up. This area is home to the sink, waste disposal, and dishwasher. Cabinetry for this station is designed to organize with the trash bin cabinet and roll-out tray baskets for storage convenience.

Today's kitchens are more than just places to cook and eat meals. Many people choose to include breakfast bars, desks, bookshelves, computer stations, phone and message centers, and mini entertainment areas in their kitchens. Consider adding these areas to your kitchen with our selections on desk, shelf, bookcase,and entertainment cabinetry units.