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Modular Kitchen is a Ongoing Trend In Modern Homes. A well-designed modular Kitchen offers a seamless cooking experience. In this Kitchen Layout plays a very important Role to make space more spacious, functional, organized and ergonomically correct.

Kitchendécor brings you, Futuristic Modular Kitchen Solutions with aesthetics and functionality to make your cooking experience joyful.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen

    This is the Most Commonly used Kitchen Layout for Great functionality. A single unit across two adjoining walls will provide efficient use of minimum floor space with ample amount of free space to move around. Being discreet and versatile at the same time, layout has opted for compact apartments also.

    Great For Corner Space
    Efficient for Small & Medium Kitchen Spaces
    Easy Working Triangle
    Perfect for Open Plan Designs

  • U-Shaped Kitchen

    If your home has a large kitchen space or you are fond of cooking &  If you are looking for enormous counter space, the U-shaped kitchen layout is the best option for You. This layout has the most efficient work triangle and provides the most storage space, with plenty of wall and floor cabinets all around. This also makes it ideal for family homes.

    Plenty of Counter Space
    Multiple Cooks can operate at once
    Helps to Keep Traffic Out
    Great for Big Organized Family

  • Island Kitchen

    Island layout of the modular kitchen is the most Popular layout all around the world. It looks most contemporary & stylish. This layout has extra counter space separated from the main counter. The extra counter space can be used to place a hob or use it as dining cum entertainment space. This layout also gives a great feeling, extra storage and is useful for spacious homes.

    Extra Storage
    Extra Seating
    Extra Amenities
    Great for Family Space

  • Parallel Kitchen

    Ladies have always recommended parallel or Gally kitchens as the most efficient layout. With two, long working areas that face each other, it can be split into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ work spaces. It not only provides plenty of working space for variety of appliances but also maximizes storage space. This type of layout is suitable for all types of homes, also easily adapted for long and narrow kitchen spaces.

    Ergonomically Effective
    Creative Freedom
    Better Organizing Power
    Quick to Clean

  • Straight Kitchen

    In order to utilize a small space, a straight-line modular kitchen is the perfect solution. As the workflow is based on a straight line this type of kitchen has its hob, sink, and storage cabinets all in a line against a single wall; keeping your kitchen space to a minimum and maintaining optimum efficiency. These types of modular kitchen are specially designed for small apartments.

    Straight Line work Flow
    Easy on Maintenance
    Efficient for Small Spaces
    Quick to Clean

  • Peninsula Kitchen

    A peninsula kitchen layout has a free-standing workspace or little extra counter space for either dining or entertainment. Unlike an island, this peninsula is connected to the main workspace; making it accessible from three sides. Often considered the ideal layout for homes with small kitchen areas, the peninsula provides all the advantages of an island worktop while utilizing less floor space.

    Provides Extra counter space & extra storage
    Accessible from three sides
    Mostly used to separate Kitchen & Dining space in Room
    Ideal for Breakfast or serving space

Our Kitchen offerings

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Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens cater to the fast-paced lifestyle with a sharp and edgy idea of style where less is the new more. Craftsmanship and technological innovation can make a big difference in the quality of the materials we select. These Space efficient kitchens are trendsetters with coveted cabinets and classy countertops. Our Modern Kitchen Designs truly manage to set your cooking mood.

Technologically Advanced
Trendy Designs
Make Mundane Tasks Easier
Latest Functionalities.
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Contemporary Kitchen

Designing a kitchen that has high utility and aesthetics both, means mixing styles and influences, to create clean art that goes beyond cold minimalism without replacing the functionality. Contemporary Kitchens make the stylish design aesthetic have character, be family-friendly, or even a little bit colorful. The minimalist cooking space blends statement lighting with a geometric backsplash to look more elegant, clean & chic.

Minimal Designs
Stylish & Elegant Feel
High Utility
Artistic Layouts.
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Classic Kitchen

Classic style kitchens are loved because of its traditional feel and rustic style. Classic kitchens can remain in style for years, they can be enhanced by the presence of spice racks and kitchen herbs for the all-immersive cooking experience. Though there’s an inspiration to be found in modern kitchen designs, there’s no denying the inviting charm of a beautifully realized classic kitchen in any home. After all, there’s always a joy to be found in the familiar and tried and true.

Rustic Style
Traditional Designs
Natural Appeal
Vintage Experience
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